Criticism Of The United Nations

If indeed, as I believe, the foundation of the United Nations was rooted in some selfish elitist scheme to more easily control people rather than to act as some angelic international body of peace, then why would any modern day peace, love and freedom supporter believe the UN holds answers to solutions on the world's greatest problems? The ideal behind the UN is beautiful but the reality from the beginning was masked in deceit and outright stupidity. The presented notion was that all peace-loving countries would band together in a world where war would be avoided and harmony would reign through cooperation and fairness. There have been more wars and more bloodshed SINCE the advent of the UN than at any time before. Why?

The concept from the beginning was rooted in artificial soil. How can the UN be seen in anyone's eyes, at its inception, now, or any time in between, to be "representative" of "the people" when "the people" in most of the participating countries didn't or still don't even have a say in the representation of their own country to begin with!? The grand representative UN was brought forth and given emergence to begin with in an unbelievably obvious and clear UN-representative way. The UN from its start was a collective of countries run by kings, dictators, monopoly-clad political parties (which is what the U.S. has become, under the guise of a two-party system), and moneyed interests. It wasn't some grassroots bonanza. It wasn't some magical butterfly equipped with angelic wings. It was concocted by brutes and tyrants, the bulk of them right here in our own paradise of arrogant successors to golden hereditary thrones.

Is it any wonder that we now have a World Monetary Fund, a World Bank, a World Trade Organization, World Peacekeeping Forces, a World Court, and every other world thing, while the world keeps spiralling in a materialistic ball of ignorance and selfishness and fear and violence? This lovely world, based on the U.N. blueprint, is working just fine for those who created it for themselves, but it does not work for everyday people and it does not work, at its root level, with compassion and concern for love and freedom. That is why consolidation of power has perpetually increased everywhere one looks, especially so since hero Franklin Roosevelt met with good guys Churchill and Stalin and shoved the boondoggle down a duped world's throat. In medicine, in the media, in finance, everywhere, power has become centrally controlled while the people have been led to believe they are wise and free. Yikes!

Yes, the United States government is full of flaws, but the system is in place to correct the flaws because the citizens are ultimately given free will to fix things or help things rot. The United Nations system is flawed even in its foundation, and even in its motives, to those who can see through the veil and false declarations of love and peace from wealthy, powerful, conniving fear mongers who only want to always be in control over others. It was not the common people who met in backrooms and who continue to meet in backrooms, in secrecy, to draft the U.N. Charter or to continue to expand the stretch of the U.N.'s octopus tentacles while the people of the world suffocate and drown.

The creators of the UN and the perpetrators of continued UN expansion are the very same powers that continue to undermine love and the indomitable role of our open minds, hearts, souls and spirits in our individual and collective ascensions to a truly better and more beautiful world.

Ron McEntee
President/Publisher Active Communications, Inc.
Active Voice/The Weekly Farce
P.O. Box 394, Berea, OH 44017

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